Saturday, December 29, 2012

She is GOOD... Relatively Speaking!

Yesterday I went to refill some ink cartridges for the office printer. I go to the usual shop, but the usual guy is not there. Instead there is a nice lady, who seemed not too knowledgeable of the printers world! At least this is what I assumed! And so, I gave her the ink cartridges, she checked them out, and it turned out she is more knowledgeable than I thought! Some of the cartridges were expired, meaning they cannot be even refilled (that's a new info for me!). So I have to buy new ones. Only one cartridge can be refilled. And so after checking the pricing and so on, the bill would come out to $110! As I stood there thinking for a few moments, she jumps to my ear and says: "Listen, why pay this much to refill your printer, while actually today you can buy a brand new one for this price, with all the Christmas offers you know!" I looked at her with amazement!! "Of course, I will probably do that". She even told me who has the best offers for printers, and which brands are cheaper when it comes to refilling ink and so on. At the end she said: "Don't tell my boss though", with a nice smile, waving goodbye and wishing me a good day...

"She is GOOD"... This is what I said to myself, as I left the store, happy that I did not find the usual guy, who would have probably given me a bit of discount but let me pay for refilling those cartridges!! Maybe or maybe not!! But this is when I thought to myself, she is GOOD because she did a good deed, she gave me the advice that will save me money, and help me make the right decision, she said what is GOOD for the customer. But was she GOOD as an employee? as a sales person? Her last statement, asking me not to tell her boss, makes you think that she assumed this was a BAD advice, losing a transaction for her boss!! Indeed, probably her boss would get mad and tell her how lousy she is, and how BAD for the business she was!! On the other hand, at least from my stand, I know I would be more loyal to this shop, and when I buy the new printer and I am out of ink, I will not refill anywhere else except there, hopefully with that lady :)

This keeps us thinking, is GOOD so relative?? It cannot be just GOOD?! Is it always subjective? Well, the reality is, GOOD is relative, in every aspect of our lives...

When my daughter cries in front of me asking for chocolate instead of having lunch, I do sometimes give her chocolates (being a chocolate lover myself!), thinking that I did something GOOD, giving her the happiness and joy of eating chocolate. But in fact, this is bad, health wise and behavior wise!

When you give money to a young man begging at the metro entrance, you do so thinking you did a GOOD act, you helped the guy buy food or something. But some will argue that this is bad, because you encourage this young man not to work, and to beg for more! Even he might just buy bear with this money! That's BAD!

When you answer a late night call from a friend, who is in a crisis and needs to talk and let things out, you do so with GOOD intentions, genuinely trying to comfort your friend... But in the head of your partner, sleeping next to you maybe, this is BAD, and it can bring bad consequences and scenarios!!

When you break up with someone, or divorce even, you are looking for the GOOD side of it, moving on, starting over, new chances, new beginnings, but that's for you positive person... On the other side, what you did might look BAD, selfish, childish, stupid, irresponsible, crazy, etc... And they will remind you for the rest of your life how BAD you are!!

If we criticize our leaders about the bad things they are doing, or just voicing concerns and opinions that do not match their views, we want them to learn and know, hoping that they will do something GOOD... Yet some might look at it as something bad, and will accuse us with treason or stupidity!!

When you defend a cause so strongly and so genuinely, like I do defending the Palestinian cause, you genuinely believe you are doing GOOD... But again, for other Palestinians who believe in different ways or different philosophies, you are bad, you are harming the cause...

My best example of all, as Palestinians, if we talk to Jewish or Israeli groups who seek dialogue and peace and equality and justice, we are seeking something GOOD, we are connecting the GOOD aspects of humans together, trying to make a difference, a GOOD difference... Yet, some will just label it as "Speaking with the Enemy", no matter what context or what conditions, and will tell you straight to your face: You are BAD to the Palestinian cause!! This always humors me!! Yet, I remind myself, this is subjective, my GOOD, their BAD... Their GOOD might be my BAD!!

A last example, for the Pro-Israel Anti-Palestinians, we as Palestinians, no more matter who or where, we are BAD, we are the enemy!! Even if we try to make peace, or anything GOOD, you are still BAD because you are Palestinian!! Even if you were an Israeli, who supports Human Rights, something GOOD, and so you defend the Palestinians' rights to live in equality and justice, for the Pro-Israel Anti-Palestinians you are doing BAD things to the state of Israel, you are a BAD traitor to the Jewish religion!!

The list does not end... And if there is anything to learn from this life is that everything these days is RELATIVE and SUBJECTIVE, including the GOOD and the BAD!! Which makes you wonder all the time which GOOD should I do?!?

Will I be judged all the time?? Indeed you will... Should I stop doing GOOD things because it might be BAD for others? Nope... Do what you think is GOOD always...

It's a tough life with tough choices... Yet we are here to enjoy it and live it to the MAX...

Be GOOD folks... Relatively speaking ;)


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